Calculate accurate wind loads on any type of structure

AeroSim is a virtual wind tunnel for structural projects. Eliminate material wastes and safety risks caused by uncertain wind loads.

How it works

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Cutting-edge computational fluid dynamics at your service

High-fidelity results

The accuracy level of AeroSim’s results is within the experimental uncertainty range of industrial wind tunnels. Wall-modeled large eddy simulations are combined with a validated atmospheric boundary layer generation method. An adaptive grid refinement procedure assures proper resolution for every architecture detail. Contact us to know about our validation cases.

Standards Compliant

AeroSim’s wizard helps you understand and define the parameters required by the main wind load standards from around the world, such as ISO 4354, EN 1991-1-4, ASCE/SEI 7-16, AIJ-RLB-2004 and NBR 6123. Your project will be fully compliant with the standard of your choice, and you will have detailed loading information that you can use to improve the efficiency of the structural project.

Cost-effective analysis

Most structural projects do not have the budget for a wind tunnel analysis. In such case, the engineer has to interpret and extrapolate from tabulated aerodynamic coefficients. AeroSim allows you to work with accurate loading data for complex architectural shapes for a fraction of wind tunnel cost. With the virtual wind tunnel you will have a complete report within a week.

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